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   This campaign would not have been possible without the assistance and input of several people and groups. I’ll begin with my players, past and present: thank you. Thank you for joining our game and adding more life to this story. Thank you for showing me patience, and thank you for making everything so much fun to play!

   Thank you AEG/Crafty Games for making such an awesome d20 game. We are all having a blast, and I look forward to the day Spycraft 3.0 comes out!

   To the Obsidian Portal community: I’m still lurking, but thank you for all of the invaluable information you’ve made available for good gaming, straightening out the code, and inspiring me with new ideas to help this campaign along! Thank you for being awesome!

   Special thanks to RPGMapShare for providing the gaming community with so many useful objects for use in home-made maps!

   Last but not least, there are a few friends who have provided me with inspiration, guidance on intelligence, military, crime, and law enforcement; your assistance has allowed me to design a campaign that’s a little more true to its genre. Out of respect for your identities, I will withhold your names from the public ;)



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