Service of Mr. Bland

   Very little is known about the unusual agency that employs burned and hunted agents from all over the globe, and even less is known about its reclusive orchestrator, Mr. Bland.


   This shadow organization is technically rogue; the agency does not officially serve any nation or political party, but its actions have often served as a benefit to the world. Some of the agency’s deeds include crushing terrorists, capturing criminal kingpins, changing the balance of power in war-torn countries, and toppling oppressive regimes. Such actions would seem to cast the organization in a favorable light, except for one striking and highly illegal flaw: the Service employs certain hunted criminals and disavowed agents. This fact alone is enough to make the Service’s agents unwelcome guests almost everywhere across the globe.

   The Service approaches certain disavowed agents and hunted criminals throughout the world with a one-time offer to join. Those who decline will never see the offer again. Those who accept are mercifully removed from their unsavory situations and pressed into duty, hidden and protected from those who had previously tried to track them down… until they gain too much public attention. The agency rarely, if ever, draws its personnel from agencies with upstanding records.

   It is unknown why the Service prefers this style of recruitment, but its assets are almost always experienced field agents and specialists. However, the penchant for trouble in the agency’s lower ranks are high: paranoid operatives who are desperate for safety have sometimes taken rash actions to hurt or expose the Service for their own gain. Such agents simply “disappear”. Beyond the lower ranks, the levels of cooperation are strangely very strong. Senior field agents and above all seem to share a sort of unspoken camaraderie; it is unknown what causes this kind of peculiar strengthening in loyalty.



Stated Intent

   The Service of Mr. Bland is an independent and discreet protectorate dedicated to investigating, assessing, and countering threats to global security by:

  • Conducting special activities and other operations in support of intelligence-gathering, defense, and security.
  • Investigating and neutralizing threats and conspiracies.
  • Employing disavowed and experienced agents as a part of a unique and selective “Second Chance” program.

Actual Intent




Mr. Bland: Only the highest echelons in the covert world are aware of the Service of Mr. Bland. From what little is known, Mr. Bland is a wealthy and highly secretive eccentric whose true motivations for operating the agency are a complete mystery.

Specialist: DIME: The messy supervisor of Requisitions at the Old Ford Factory in Detroit.


 Kurt Stines: A recipient of an envelope in the agent’s delivery mission in Detroit. Owner and operator of “Brother Nature Natural Goods” in East Market.
 Man in the hooded jacket: A recipient of an envelope in the agent’s delivery mission in Detroit. Found at 8 Mile Road.
 Old blind man: A recipient of an envelope in the agent’s delivery mission in Detroit. Found at the International Riverfront.

Agency Secrets



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